Recommend A…(3)

“Recommend A…” is a weekly meme, posted every Monday, hosted over on Chick Loves Lit. It’s a quick, fun and unique way to recommend a book that you love!

Recommend A…Trilogy!

I won’t lie, I almost went with The Sevenwaters trilogy by Juliet Marillier but technically she continued the series with another trilogy so then it got a little confusing. Instead, I am going to go with…

I picked up book one, Wintercraft: Shadowcry on a whim about a month ago and I absolutely adored it. I quickly devoured both Wintercraft: Blackwatch and Wintercraft: Legacy immediately after and although this particular series has ended, Jenna Burtenshaw completed the last book in a way that alludes that there may be more stories involving Kate, Silas and Edgar and let me tell you, I will be at the front of the line if that is the case! If you enjoy fantasy, I suggest you give these books a chance! 

6 thoughts on “Recommend A…(3)

  1. I know what you're saying but it really ended in a conclusive way. It was more open to possibly have companion novels that follow but that particular storyline was ended.

  2. I can't put my finger on exactly why I loved these but if you are a fantasy lover I really think you'll like them. They are quick reads and are really unique in the genre I think!

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