Read Along Outlander by Diana Gabaldon: Week One

Outlander Read-a-long
Week one: Chapters 1-7
Not sure what this is all about? Here’s the deal…The read-a-long is going to go from June 11th to July 23rd on Mondays and more information can be found here.
So far, this book is everything that I had hoped it would be. I am enjoying the fact that it isn’t jumping right into a dalliance between Jamie and Claire and I really like the strength and independence Claire shows from the beginning. I am anticipating continuing on with the story and I foresee having a hard time keeping myself from reading ahead in the challenge! 

1. Outlander is a well-known book. Before you cracked it open, what were your expectations or assumptions about this story? Or did you jump into it with a blank slate? 

I have to say that I had VERY high expectations when starting this book. This is a series that has been pushed on me for YEARS AND YEARS by my family because they are CONVINCED that I will just love them. I have to say that though my expectations are extremely high, I have not been disappointed. You know how sometimes you build something up so high that it ends up falling short? Sorry, Hunger Games fans they were not as good as I expected – this has thankfully, not been the case with Outlander! I know we are only 7 chapters in but I am pretty enthralled at this point and I am DEFINITELY invested in the relationships currently growing.

2. Claire’s husband, Frank, is fascinated with learning more and more facts about his family tree, which extends back pretty far. Do you or anyone in your family keep a family tree? How many years/generations back does it go? If not, have you ever considered or attempted to create one?

I have actually recently started taking advantage of the ancestry software available at my public library. I recently got stuck a few generations back on a woman named “Sarah” on my dad’s side. From what I understand, I have Native American roots and Sarah was a common name given to women who carried somewhat “different” names and backgrounds. I am so intrigued now to find out who this “Sarah” is in my family and am currently waiting for some records to be sent to me from Pennsylvania so I can continue on with my search!

3. How did you find Claire’s initial conclusion as to her surroundings after waking up from going through the stones? Did you think that was a reasonable conclusion?

I honestly don’t think it is something that would have crossed my mind. She seemed a little flustered and then was like “Well they suddenly started to film a movie at the exact spot where I am standing!” I can appreciate her trying to rationalize and thought her to be very intelligent but it is definitely not something that I would have thought up!

4. How about her composed, rational way of dealing with the fact she’s traveled back in time. Did you find it believable? Do you think you would have acted the same way?

As I was finishing up the chapters from this week I was thinking that I would like to think that if I was thrown into the same situation I would handle it with the same grace and intelligence that Claire is using. However, I don’t know if that is how things would really go, as I have to assume there would be a slight freak out sesh commencing upon seeing kilted men barreling toward me. I am a pretty tough gal and I know I would be a tad distracted by the red-haired, accented, kilted man but I also know that I would need a few moments to rock/cry in the corner.

5. At this point in the story, what are your feelings or expectations on Claire and Jamie? Is Frank still a factor for you?

Honestly I might be a terrible person but Frank really isn’t a factor for me at this point. He definitely seems like he isn’t enough for Claire in many ways and though I know my friends don’t always enjoy listening to my prattle about different literature/Shakespearean plays, they at least try to listen. It seems like when Frank speaks Claire is all “oh he is being an intellectual again, how tedious,” and then she just stops listening. She needs someone who excites her and I just don’t think he is the guy. I have HIGH expectations for her and Jamie though!

Bonus Question: Frank encounters a man outside of the inn where he and Claire are staying. He is afraid it might have been a ghost. What do you believe it was? Do you have any predictions or suspicions on what that was about?

This one is a toughie and I find it fascinating. Could it be Jamie, traveling to the future? The rogue, Jonathan Randall? Or perhaps someone from Claire’s time who knows a bit about what is to come. I am very excited to find out!

It’s not too late to sign up for the Outlander read-along! Check out my post to find out what its all about and to learn more about the upcoming schedule!

5 thoughts on “Read Along Outlander by Diana Gabaldon: Week One

  1. I've already read ahead and finished the book…oops. I'm such a cheater. I couldn't stop myself.I hate it when you are hoping and thinking a book is going to be great and it falls flat 😦 I'm happy Outlander is not one of those books!You use software at the library? I should look into this…You gotta love Claire not listening to a word Frank says at times, lol.

  2. Yep, it's pretty obvious that Claire and Frank are wrong for each other. I was looking at how dismissive he is of her, but you're right that she's equally dismissive of him. I think it's one of those stereotypical pre-war marriages they talk about where the couple jumped into something without really knowing each other.I'm so glad to see the book isn't disappointing you! It's so hard for a book to live up to such a dramatic build-up, especially with multiple people pushing it on you. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  3. "I am a pretty tough gal and I know I would be a tad distracted by the red-haired, accented, kilted man but I also know that I would need a few moments to rock/cry in the corner." –> LOVE this. Still not sure I understand the red-haired men thing (HELLO I LOVE A GOOD VOICE!) but I get that I'm the weirdo in the bunch. I'd be rocking in the corner with ya. Dude, I'm so ready for Jamie and Claire. I feel sorry for Frank, but once Jamie came into the picture, I was all about that guy. Let's get to the good stuff!

  4. I'M FINALLY HERE FRIEND!Hahaha, I forgot about her tuning out on Frank when he went off on the stuff he really cared about. That's a pretty good point right there. In my mind, they got married in a hurry before the war even though they didn't really know each other because they didn't know if they'd live to see tomorrow, but the reality is they were so not right for each other. Like how I fill all of this in in my head? Yeah I'm kind of crazy about rationalization that way.Also that's pretty awesome about your mysterious Sarah. I want to know what you find out. I would have given just about anything to have Native American roots as a kid (okay let's face it, I'm still a bit obsessed).

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