Recommend A…(13)

“Recommend A…” is a weekly meme, posted every Monday, hosted over on Chick Loves Lit. It’s a quick, fun and unique way to recommend a book that you love!

Recommend A…Blog That is Similar to Yours!

My choice this week is my dear friend Heidi’s blog: Bunbury in the Stacks.

Not only does she have awesome taste in books, she is witty, funny and participates (and creates) some pretty awesome features. One of my favorites is titled “Salute Your Shorts” (best name ever, I know) which highlights and reviews short stories and novellas!

Heidi enjoys numerous genres and reviews books both in print and audio format so as a follower you are able to read about many different genres and most importantly, discover awesome new authors! Head on over to Heidi’s blog and say hello, I know she’d love to hear from you!

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