Something Wicked This Way Comes

Friends! You might not know this but Halloween is one of my FAVORITE days ever! October is by far my favorite month, all of the autumnal goodness floating about and the leaves start to change and I can wear SCARVES and drink/eat PUMPKIN and APPLE flavored THINGS!! I live in New England so really, autumn is where it’s at. It all feels so magical. Pair the fabulousness that is autumn with the fact that I love scary things and you can probably understand my love for Halloween.

To celebrate my adoration for this day I am lucky enough to be partnering with Brittany from The Book Addicts Guide for a two-week event we’ve titled “A Fortnight of Fright.” During these two weeks we are going to be showcasing posts related to all things Halloween! We will be sharing reviews of excellent “Halloween Reads,” as well as various posts on our favorite Halloween movies, television shows and even some delicious autumn treats! The best part is that we have some fellow bloggers who will be guest posting on our blogs to help spread the love. Do you want to hear something equally awesome? We want your input! We’re not asking for any commitment, just some discussion! We want to know what you love (or hate) about Halloween, what traditions do you have? How old were you when you stopped trick or treating? For the record, I was a senior in high school when I dressed up as The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz and trick or treated for my last time. We want to hear anything and everything that you have to say about Halloween!

We’re starting next Wednesday so get ready; your input is what we need!

If you are feeling extra generous and want to really get involved then sign up here to guest post during Fortnight of Fright!

4 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. Well the great thing about Halloween coming is all the food especially pumpkin… pumpkin smash, pumpkin scone, pumpkin pie, … pumpkin FLAN. Cinnamon also happens to be the greatest smell ever so i love when the witch’s cinnamon brooms come out.
    You might want to talk about costumes over the year. Maybe even yours or blunders beyond compare.
    You kind of have to mention R.L. Stine. It’s a must. I remember how much The Mask show scared me. *shivers* and now I must be crazy because I’m going to try to find the book and read it. Yeah… I’m crazy.
    She’s Got Books on Her Mind

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