Blogger Love-a-Thon Mini Challenge (3)


Welcome to Blogger Love-a-Thon! This is a 24 hour event that helps us bloggers take some time to show love to one another! If you are so inclined, head on over to the Announcement Post! This event is hosted by Alexa from Alexa Loves Books and Katelyn from Kate’s Tales of Books & Bands! This Mini Challenge is to create a bookish playlist!

Years ago, I was working at Barnes and Noble and was “lucky” enough to work the midnight party for the launch of Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. Though I was disgruntled and annoyed at all of the tweens, I was in my glory because I adored the music that we had going on that night. Come to find out, our music manager had found playlists for the books on Stephenie Meyer’s website! I know many of you will be like “um ew…” over 1. Twilight (and I might agree) and 2. some of these songs are a little cheesefest (okay, emo), and there is a lot of Muse (who I just so happen to love). Nonetheless I made you a playlist for The Twilight series with with my own insight and some help from Stephenie Meyer! (Admittedly this playlist could really go for any angsty YA romance novel…ahh love)

might have had this on repeat for the past few days…

9 thoughts on “Blogger Love-a-Thon Mini Challenge (3)

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your playlist! Even though there are so many twilight haters out there…. I’m still a fan! I totally have a special edition twilight book set with all the music info. I remember making a giant playlist and listening nonstop while swooning over Edward. 😉

  2. Holy hell, A! Why don’t we talk about music more!?!?! Jimmy? Travis? Muse? I don’t listen to a lot of AAR anymore, but back in the day they were one of my favs. Great playlist. Let’s talk about music AND books some more! 🙂

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