Blogger Love-a-Thon Mini Challenge (5)


Welcome to Blogger Love-a-Thon! This is a 24 hour event that helps us bloggers take some time to show love to one another! If you are so inclined, head on over to the Announcement Post! This event is hosted by Alexa from Alexa Loves Books and Katelyn from Kate’s Tales of Books & Bands! This Mini Challenge is to showcase my top blogging moments! The whole experience has been an amazing ride so I am going to keep this short:

Book Expo America – I had the best time. I met some superstar bloggers who I had been following for years prior to starting my own blog, some AMAZING authors and picked up some amazing debuts that became some of my favorite reads of all time!

The community – As I have mentioned a few times today, the blogging community is amazing. They are always there to open you with welcome arms and I am lucky enough to have found some of my best friends through blogging!

New genres – I used to read a lot of adult fantasy and some young adult novels, very rarely did I read middle grade novels and never horror or contemporary. I am so glad to say that I have found a new love in these different genres – specifically middle grade – and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to blog over on Bookalicious about my favorite MG reads starting very soon!

The authors – Nothing compares to that feeling when an author replies to a tweet or sends humble thanks or kind words in answer to one of your reviews.

 My (blog) favorites:

– My favorite (non-review) post has to be the post that went up yesterday about the hottest Disney men. It has been shown some of the most love but it was the most fun to write and I hope you all get a chance to read it!

– My favorite reviews are probably my reviews of Scarlet, Splintered, and The Heroes Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. They were the most fun to write and the authors are just amazing people all around.


3 thoughts on “Blogger Love-a-Thon Mini Challenge (5)

  1. Yay! I love our fantastic community and am so happy that it has opened so many amazing doors – to books, to experiences, to friends… Also, I want to go to BEA so we can meet (assuming you’re going) and be like “omg hiiii!” 🙂

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