Swoonfest: Favorite Disney Men

The Top most swoon worthy Disney men


In response to a recent post by BuzzFeed on the top 10 hottest Disney princes I decided to compile my own list since I disagreed with nearly every choice presented. I brought this to the bf and he argued that these princes didn’t really rank in manliness, and he had a point. So I went to Twitter and asked the masses, and more importantly, our expert blogger on manliness: Aaron from Real Men Read YA, head over to his blog and read his thorough and hard to argue with post. I’m going to go beyond the first glance and look for a well rounded male. Let’s see what we have…


Prince Phillip – Let’s start from the beginning, he isn’t wearing any creepy poofy sleeves like some Disney princes and he doesn’t just sit in his palace hoping that his dad will put together a ball so that he can find a wife – he gets shit done. Like when he views a hot blonde singing and dancing with his cape (that’s right ladies, he wears a cape) he jumps right in like “HAI I’m Phillip, do you like the feather in my cap?!” Later, when a witch imprisons his beloved and is like “Yeah..imma let you in right after you slay this dragon.” HE DOES IT, then becomes so overwhelmed with LOVE for Aurora that he goes against ya know, MORALS and kisses her! SAVING THE KINGDOM! Also? Points for kissing someone he’s already betrothed too, no heartbreakers here!


Prince Eric – Okay I have to admit, at first I wasn’t sure that he would even make the cut but then I started really thinking and Eric is totally swoon worthy. First, he plays an instrument – this shows us he has a sensitive side and those musical fingers – enough said, am I right?! Then there is the fact that he knows his way around a ship, I mean, he’s basically a pirate and who doesn’t wanna walk the plank for Captain Hook? *That’s circa 2013 – OUaT Captain Hook and not Neverland Captain Hook because when it comes down to cross dressing pirates, guy liner wins over wigs any day in my book. I digress…back to Eric – the guy isn’t pretentious, he isn’t one to promote a statue of himself and we all saw those muscles as he rowed Ariel to the middle of the lake. Finally, he is super protective of those he loves, he jumped in to save Ariel from a sea witch! Lets not kid ourselves, Urusula may be the queen of the BAMFs of Disney movies and Eric is like “That’s cool I’ll just use my pirate skills to steer my boat and pop a big ‘ol hole in your stomach!! Finally, I can’t lie to you guys, the moment when Eric goes back to the EXPLODING ship to save Max? I can’t. IT GETS ME EVERY TIME and even my tiny black heart skips a beat or two.


The Beast – Is he a wolf? Is he a lion? Do we care? Didn’t think so. This is the kind of man we like to call “brooding” or “misunderstood.” He’s a serious grump most of the time but it’s just because no one “gets” him and this girl loves a challenge. His voice is so deep it melts the clothes right off and let’s not forget that he can fight a whole pack of wolves with just his hands! Oh my! In the end he is both protective of Belle and does that signature brooding guy move where he pushes her away because he knows that “she deserves better.” My favorite! Now if that wasn’t enough, he gives Belle a library. A whole library! With ladders! And marble! After giving her the most epic present in the history of presents, he plays with her in the snow, feeds the birds, and sits with her while she reads him Romeo and Juliet! (I’m not making this up, it’s in the deleted scenes on the new DVD – nerd alert!) *Note: This entry is for The Beast only. I’m not sure what Disney was thinking in transforming The Beast into a rather effeminate blonde. Guy was tall, and kept his blue eyes, but I’m still partial to The Beast, I don’t care how often I’d be vacuuming his hair off of the couch.


Flynn Rider – The only man to come along and make me doubt my love for our number one Disney male. I’ve heard some people complain that Flynn was a thief, but look – the guy had a hard childhood and anyone with the first name Eugene is someone who can be trusted. Lets get into the pleasantries: That hair! Those eyes! The GRIN! That SMOLDER! Props to Rapunzel because I’m not sure many of us could say that we could easily resist that compilation! Lets not forget his excellent singing voice, I personally stop what I’m doing to watch him dance his little jig and sing about enormous piles of money. The best part about Flynn is that we are able to watch him grow as the movie progresses. He starts off as a thief but who didn’t swoon a bit when he rows Rapunzel to the middle of the ocean and brings her a lantern to partake in the festivities?! That was above the line of duty, my friends. We could end with the fact that Flynn gives up his life for Rapunzel and therefore is the epitome of all Disney boyfriends but let’s be serious, it’s the fact that he has a “thing” for brunettes that really pushes Flynn to the front of the line. Pick me, Eugene!


Aladdin – Ahh my first love. I know he could use a new wardrobe but have you seen those patches in his knees? That means the dude knows his way around a needle, ladies, and we all know we love a man who can take care of himself! Ain’t nobody got time to be sewing our husband’s favorite pair of pants while he’s out playing with his monkey – and I mean that literally. Moving on..he’s flexible, knows how to carry a tune and he not only stops stuffy princes from picking on small children, he gives them his last scrap of bread! Sure he stole it and he will most likely just pilfer some more but those kids were hungry, and I gotta be honest, I’d share a few nibbles but there’s no way those kids need a whole loaf when I’ve yet to have my breakfast. Now the fun stuff – he has a magic carpet! One who saves him on more than one occasion, because Aladdin is so awesome, even fabric stays loyal to him. Fancy a trip to England? Lets take a magic carpet ride, baby. We’ll be there in no time. Finally, his best friend (besides the monkey) is a genie! Now you might be thinking that Genie left to travel the world but let me assure you that he comes back, I saw the tv show so I know these things. Overall Aladdin is scrappy, clever, and undeniably good looking. I’ll show him a whole new world any day.

Honorable mentions (because I CAN):

Kronk from The Emperors New Groove – He’s muscly, knows his way around the kitchen, speaks the language of tiny forest animals, and succeeds in creating his own theme music.

Hercules – Any guy who can win over Megara (who is totes my home girl, btw) is a winner in my book. Not to mention those muscles and his bff is a flying horse – a guy who can drive, yes please!

Robin Hood – He’s an outlaw because he steals from the rich to give to the poor! Also? He jumps out of a flaming tower into a very shallow moat to escape hundreds of arrows being shot at him and survives.

Prince Naveen – The accent, ’nuff said.

Woody from Toy Story – Because every gal likes a cowboy.

Things to note:
  • As mentioned in the buzzfeed article Snow White’s Prince, though the first to be seen by the general public, has few redeeming qualities. Unless you need someone to confess his love for you while harmonizing perfectly and showing you up in physical attributes then immediately forgetting your address and refusing to ask for directions, move along m’dears, you can do better!
  • Simba could very well have made this list for the sole reason that his dad is Darth Vader and his uncle is Jeremy Irons. Unfortunately, having BAMFs as family members doesn’t help you if you’re Matthew Broderick.
  • Sure Tarzan looks nice but I can’t be bothered by a man who consistently uses improper grammar. “Me Tarzan.” “Yeah and me not have the patience.”

*I’m not saying that you should Google “disney men by david kawena” but it could be a good idea. Possibly.

31 thoughts on “Swoonfest: Favorite Disney Men

  1. OMG loved this post!! I agree with you on so much! And if OUaT could wrangle a story where Capt Hook also plays Prince Eric, I would be one happy fangirl! 😀 And total props for the mention of Robin Hood – he’s always been one of my faves. Though I guess since he’s a fox it’s weird to swoon over him. 😛

  2. BAHAHAHA THIS IS AWESOME. That line about Matthew Broderick was so good, it basically killed my cold. Well done, friend. Now I’m trying to think of MY favorite Disney princes…It’s HARD! Basically, though, I AGREE.

  3. hahaha. If you go along with your Flynn reasoning though, Tarzan had a horrible upbringing where his parents are killed in front of him like a baby and than a gorilla takes him in + he can never live up to her husband because well, he’s a human. So there’s a reason he can’t talk. He has a lot of baggage!

    Funnily enough, a book blogger you may know is guest posting on my Disney blog next week and she is talking about Tarzan + made a great point about he was the kind of guy who was willing to learn about “the other world” because he had a patient and enthusiastic partner who also knew how important his world was to him and (probably) the future of their relationship.

    I totally have to think of my favorite men. For real. You would think I would have done this. My one friend loves Prince Eric + I think it’s great you mention he is musical because I bet people FORGET THAT. Plus he is not scared of Ursula when she blows up into a huge octopus. I’m not sure I would even fight her for my husband. (Don’t tell him.)

    I also kind of like Naveen. He’s sort of a selfish prick at first… but I like how we see a character arc in the movie and he really learns something. The movie, in general, is pretty fantastic because it doesn’t just focus on the female, ya know? They both have issues + must learn + then they sort of grow together.

    Eek! So excited about this post! Thanks for writing itttt!

  4. This post is freaking brilliant! I don’t care that they’re fictional characters, because Disney men still make me swoon. When I was little I used to watch Cinderella over and over and over again, so you’d think he’d be my favorite Disney prince, but I was thinking about it and actually, he’s probably the most boring of them all. I mean, sure, he finds a shoe and takes it everywhere to find the girl of his dreams, but besides that we know NOTHING about him. No, I prefer the ones on your list. I love prince Philip, really like prince Eric and adore the Beast. (Actually don’t like him when he turns human again. Weird, but true.) But currently, Flynn Rider is my all time favorite. He’s probably not the best choice, but I love him ❤ And I loved this post!

  5. This is a delightful post! My personal favorite is Naveen followed by Philip; unsurprisingly my favorite princesses are Aurora followed by Tiana. I wonder if that has something to do with it?

  6. Oh my gosh this is phenomenal!!
    1. Dying of laughing because it was all so true.
    2. You are saying pretty much almost everything I have said about Disney princes at one point or another.
    3. Prince Phillip-FACT!! “he gets shit done’ SO TRUE! He is the BEST and most underrated Disney prince. This dude LITERALLY fights the dragon to save the princess, who else does that!?

    Oh my gosh, your commentary of all of them is just perfect. Flynn Rider and the smolder…I die. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! 🙂

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  8. Flynn Rider is the business but I’ve got to say, I have the hots for Tarzan, who didn’t even make it onto the Buzzfeed list. It’s the dreadlocks! The muscles! The snowboarding through the jungle! The constant striving for the affection of Daddy Gorilla! *SOB*

  9. Oh my gosh, this was too funny. Okay, so my favorite Disney Prince is probably the Beast – and yeah, I could have gone without seeing him all human with that crazy long hair – but event hen I still love him.

    But Aladdin is close behind. I also love Eric – I mean he loves his goofy dog, Max!!!

    I’m not really feeling it with Prince Phillip. I mean, he is SOOOOO skinny. Talk about chicken legs. But I do like that he is brave, fighting the dragon and all.

    I love Tangled, surprisngly because I prefer hand drawn animation to computer animation (especially with fairytales). But I don’t know if I have a crush on Flinn. Max, the horse though . . . Well, obviously not a crush because he is a HORSE, but maybe my favorite character in the movie.

  10. Seriously, this post is why I love you and your blog oh so much! I definitely didn’t get a lot of the original list, so this one is a MUCH better compilation. I think overall my favorite is Prince Phillip. Do I get the love at first sight thing? No… but c’mon. He’s just… well great. Seriously. And he wears a cape FTW! Another one that I like is John Rolfe from Pocahontas 2. But I may be in the minority on that one… Anyway, super post! So much fun!

  11. I’d really like to leave a long, detailed comment on all the things I love about this post. Instead, I’m just going to repeat two of your own sentences that pretty much sealed my love for this post:

    “I don’t care how often I’d be vacuuming his hair off of the couch.”

    “Ain’t nobody got time to be sewing our husband’s favorite pair of pants while he’s out playing with his monkey – and I mean that literally.”

    I’m sorry, excuse me while I go LOL. So much.

    And I love all of your picks – SO much better than the Buzzfeed article!

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  18. LOL I already love your first paragraph. “HAI I’m Philip!” Philip is pretty cute and makes adorable faces when he hears Aurora sing. But I’ve always been SO DISTRACTED by the fact that neither of them talk for the second half of the movie. It’s weird.

    MUSICAL FINGERS hahahahhahaha ooh la la. Eric is pretty dreamy. If he had hair like Flynn or Dimitri from Anastasia he’d be perfect.

    The libraryyyyyy. And the wolves! And when he asks her to come down to dinner hahah. His voice is super sexy; the same actor did the voice of the Prince as well but I wished he kept it growly like the Beast. Prince and Belle do have one of the best Disney kisses though, looks so passionate! But beast Beast wins anyday.

    Flynn is super adorable and snarky and I love it. I love when he watches her dance and Maximus nudges him hehe and when they share that cupcake in town! And oh my god, I never knew a hug could melt me as much as a kiss; the ending of Tangled is perfection. I love watching him grow too! Have you seen Tangled Ever After? It’s hilarious and very cute.

    I love Aladdin. He’s adorable. He’s charming. And his voice is the best! Aladdinnnnn ❤

    Oh god, Naveen is at the top of my list. I think he's so fucking DREAMY. And like Flynn, he grows to be a better person by the end. And I like that he and Tiana have wedding rings at the end!

    Robin Hood. Never been so confused being attracted to a fox before. I think it's mostly the voice.

    I wish Dimitri was a Disney prince because he's the hottest cartoon alive. Just. Yum. Protecting Anastasia as a girl and refusing the prize money and coming back for her and yep. Love.

    Now I am not the biggest fan of Frozen- I think it's overrated when compared to Tangled and such. But somehow I ended up watching the dvd a million times and now I REALLY like it. Kristoff isn't as cute as a lot of these princes but his personality is. And I like that he asks Anna if he can kiss her and is all awkward and shy about it! Also Prince Hans might be evil but he's a pretty hot ginger.

    I'VE SEEN ALL THOSE DRAWINGS. Feelings. So many…. feelings.

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  20. FLYNN.
    Although….why does everyone forget about Hunchback of Notre Dame? Phoebus is a military man (of rank!) with a horse, dry wit, a kind heart, and absolutely no time for hypocrite B.S.

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