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Classics Retold is a fun event that was born from Project: Fairy Tale , which was originally hosted by Alison @ The Cheap Reader. This project will essentially work the same except we will be taking a classic novel or tale, instead of a fairy tale, and blogging about its adaptations. It works great for those of you who have wanted to read a classic, but haven’t had the time or for those of you who missed out during Project Fairy Tale.

The What:

For a classic to be usable for this project, it should have at least 2 adaptations, spin-offs, sequels, or retellings.

  1. Choose a classic  that you want to read.
  2. Sign up via the Google doc below and I will place your name and link back to your blog on a sign-up page. Additionally, I will give you a list of possible adaptations that I have found – you will not be limited to this list, of course, it is only meant to be helpful.
  3. Write a “sign-up” post on your own blog before May 25 just telling the blogosphere which “classic” you are choosing and any other info you want to include (for example, here is my sign up post for Project: Fairy Tale) I know that it is MONTHS away so no pressure, just let me know as soon as you do!
  4. Read your classic, and then read or watch as many retellings, spin-offs, sequels or adaptations of the classic as you can.
  5. Post reviews or your thoughts on your blog for each one during September.
  • To participate in this project, you only sign up for one classic and its adaptations.
  • 1-4 bloggers can work on a “main” text. You can work independently or work together, and you’re allowed to all read/watch the same things or split the work up
  • Optional: If you’d like to work on another classic or adaptation in addition to your main choice, find the bloggers “in charge” of that text and ask to do a guest review/post.
  • I will be hosting a giveaway on my blog for those of you participating in the Ancient – Renaissance Literature Classics Retold section. The details aren’t final yet but just know that each review (etc.) that you post will be  one entry! More details will follow as we get closer to the end of sign-ups!

Have fun with this! In lieu of classic reviews, write a character analysis, talk about the culture of the book, or use it in a meme! Get creative! As long as it links back to your classic in some way, it works toward the project!

The When:

  • Sign-ups will run from April 11 – May 25
  • September 2013 will be our month to post!

The Who:

Since this project is so HUGE, we have split up the co-hosting duties! It’s all one big project so you only sign up once for one main text (not once on each blog).

Ancient to Renaissance Literature Sign Up

I took the liberty of brainstorming some ideas for Ancient to Renaissance Literature books and adaptations! Don’t feel limited by these titles, if there is another title that you are interested in just let me know and I will let you know if it’s acceptable, or if it falls under another category!

– Beowulf
– Biblical
– Faust
– Gilgamesh
– King Arthur

– The Illiad
– The Aenid
– The Odyssey

– Hamlet

– King Lear
– Macbeth
– The Merchant of Venice
– A Midsummer Night’s Dream

– Much Ado About Nothing
– Othello

– Romeo and Juliet

– Taming of the Shrew
– The Tempest

– Twelfth Night
– Tristan and Isolt

*Let it be known that I will be participating and reading Robin Hood, as well as its retellings and adaptations! I’m going to have my own intro post sometime next week so you can all see what I have planned!


19 thoughts on “Classics Retold

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    • If you can read at least one retelling and then watch film (or play) adaptations that is fine. For example you could read Romeo & Juliet and Juliet Immortal and then watch West Side Story and Baz Luhrmann’s version as well.

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  9. I’m really looking forward to participating in this! I’m just coming off of a blog hiatus and think this seems like such a fun way to dive back into the community. Love that we’ve got so much advance notice on it to!

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