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Welcome to the main page of the Ancient to Renaissance Literature Classics Retold project! Here you will find a list of lovely bloggers who are participating and links to their relevant posts! This post will remain on the main page of the blog through the month of September and will then move up top under Events & Features. Stay tuned for frequent updates!

Classics Retold is a fun event that was born from Project: Fairy Tale , which was originally hosted by Alison @ The Cheap Reader. This project will essentially work the same except we will be taking a classic novel or tale, instead of a fairy tale, and blogging about its adaptations. It works great for those of you who have wanted to read a classic, but haven’t had the time or for those of you who missed out during Project Fairy Tale.

The Who:

Since this project is so HUGE, we have split up the co-hosting duties! It’s all one big project so you only sign up once for one main text (not once on each blog).

– King Arthur

– The Odyssey

Heidi (Bunbury in the Stacks)

– Taming of the Shrew
– The Tempest

– Twelfth Night

– Tristan and Isolt

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