BE(A) My Friend!


Off to BEA again this year and I am SO EXCITED!! Since there have been an array of posts going up on what to do, who to see, what to eat and so on, I thought I would join in the festivities and tell you how to spot and approach yours truly in the wild that is the Javits Center…This is meant to be cute and fun and my goal is to MEET ALL THE PEOPLE!! As always, for those of you new to BEA please feel free to ask me anything regarding NYC and the Book Expo and I will do my best to assist!

Important things to note:

  • I will be updating my Twitter (@withthebanned) A LOT. Probably with “This is what I look like today” posts.
  • I will apparently be wearing a lot of navy
  • You may or may not be blinded by the light that is actually just my extremely pasty legs shining under fluorescent lighting of the Javits center
  • There is a good chance that my hair will look like Monica Geller’s after she arrives in Barbados (“It’s the HUMIDITY!”)
  • There is a 97% chance that if you see Amy (@trippingbooks) or Brittany (@bookaddictguide) I am in the same vicinity.


*If you happen to walk by me and think “look at that completely unapproachable person eating nuts from her purse,” THINK AGAIN! I am just succumbing to the disease known as “bitchy resting face,” and I am also probably a little hungry. I promise I will be friendly once my attention has changed from snacks to you, and I have even been known to share my purse nuts with line friends, so don’t fret!

Some author lines where you may see me:

  • Garth Nix (Thursday @ 10:00am – Table 13)
  • Sarah Maas (Friday @ 11am – Table 5)
  • Holly Black (Friday @ 2:30pm – Table 19)

You will see me hovering around any galley drops for these authors:

  • Holly Black
  • Carey Elwes
  • Christopher Healy
  • Robin LaFevers
  • Gregory Maguire
  • Rainbow Rowell
  • Maggie Stiefvater

Things you can mention to me that I will talk incessantly about, therefore breaking any awkward silences:

  • Neil Gaiman
  • cats
  • food
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • books (well, obviously…)
  • the heat/humidity/smell of NYC*

                     *bonus points if you mention how the humidity affects your hair while carefully avoiding looking at the mess atop my head.

  • Being a librarian
  • The rude person who just cut in front of us in line to stand with his or her “friend”

                     *bonus points if you give her the same “you’re not fooling anyone but I have too much class to slap you” face right along with me!

  • A multitude of TV shows, such as: Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, The Mindy Project, Sleepy Hollow, Friends, and so many more
  • Anything remotely Disney related. (P.S. See my post ranking the Disney princes, and some love thrown toward the Disney villains!)


  • Some fun things that I may be attending after a long day at BEA that you are of course welcome to join me in attending!:
  • The Book Blogger Picnic 
  • The Kid’s Author Carnival at Jefferson Market Library on Saturday (which you should definitely attend!)
  • Visiting The Strand and Books of Wonder
  • Seeing Maleficent
  • Having noms all over the place (undecided as to where we will be nomming but it will definitely involve cupcakes of some kind – and suggestions are appreciated!)
Twitter Pic

Curly hair, don’t care!

The moral of the story:

I want to be friends! Line friends make everything better and the whole point of BEA is to HAVE A GOOD TIME! So, let’s have a good time together!! See you soon!

P.S. Follow me on Twitter, or Instagram to keep up with the multitude of  BEA posts and pictures!

12 thoughts on “BE(A) My Friend!

    • I am sure you have heard them all but, COMFY SHOES, bring snacks and water, wear layers (these are the three most important points), talk up people in line around you – they might be able to jump to another line and grab you a copy of something, or hold your spot while you do so – try not to over plan so you’re not disappointed if you miss someone, it’s meant to be fun! Last year I talked to a lot more people milling about as well as authors and publishers and I had a much better time than the year before when I was so shy. Hope to see you there!

      • I second the comfy shoes. When I went two years ago, I *thought* my shoes were comfy but still ended up buying flip flops from CVS in the middle of day one because the shoes I wore hurt so much I couldn’t walk anymore.

  1. I have bitchy resting face too. It’s okay!

    I will make sure to bring up Neil Gaiman. And also will see you likely in line for Mortal Heart galley drop because omg, that book, I need it like I need oxygen.


    Okay the end.

  2. Let’s be friends! (As if we aren’t already!) But seriously, we can totally be line buddies while waiting in line for Garth Nix, and obviously Sarah J. Maas. And Robin LaFevers because I need Mortal Heart like NOW! So excited to see you at BEA again 😀

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