100 Happy Days: Was it Worth it?

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Hello friends! You may remember, well, 100 days ago, I stared the 100 Happy Days Project via my Instagram

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I have read some pretty scathing reviews of this project, some people seem to think that it shouldn’t be necessary to post on social media in order to find happiness. Some people said that they felt guilty posting so many happy pictures, like they were rubbing their happiness in, or something. Really? Guilt for being happy? Ridiculous. Some people even said that they “don’t trust” people who are happy 100% of the time – which is actually VERY different from what this project promotes, but I digress…

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As I mentioned in the first post, I have been trying to see the beauty in every day. Trying to remain optimistic despite the things that may try to interfere with my happiness. It isn’t always easy! I can’t lie to you, there were a few days where the evening was winding down and Amy had to remind me to find something that made me happy before the night was through! Thankfully, those nights were few, and as the days went on I found that it was much easier to find something to be happy about

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Over the past 100 days I have gone through some major life altering things, some completely out of my control…some things that made it nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning. So 100 Happy Days, was it worth it? Absolutely. Was it necessary for me to post on social media in order for me to find and maintain happiness? No, don’t be silly. However, there were many days where I saw something that made me smile and that triggered something in me. It was as if by remembering that I “needed” to post a picture for the day I was almost made me stop and realize that something had just made me smile on my terrible day. Does that make sense? It might not, but it makes sense to me and I thing that’s the whole point!

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I encourage you all to check out 100 Happy Days, or do something, anything, that ensures that you find the beauty in every day! XO


9 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: Was it Worth it?

  1. Congrats on finishing! I know a lot of people start this then don’t finish, so it’s truly an accomplishment! *applauds*

    I actually created a private account do to my own 100 happy days. I didn’t want to do it on my personal instagram because I didn’t want to feel obligated to post terrible quality photos (I’m an IG snob, I’ll admit). Plus, I didn’t have to feel like I was being judged on a private account.

    Then my phone’s camera broke…

    However, I still sometimes use my iPad or my husband’s phone, so I get most days in. It does make me realize when something small makes me happy, and I think it’s important to realize those tiny moments can make a huge difference.

    • I was so determined!! Some days were harder than others for sure. I think it is horrible that people are judging but haters gonna hate, I guess!! ❤

  2. I thought this was a fantastic project and feel you should be proud of seeing it through all 100 happy days.

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