Review: Cress and The Lunar Chronicles Novellas by Marissa Meyer

I’m back with some more mini reviews! In case you were wondering if The Lunar Chronicles are worth the hype, they absolutely are! Read on to read my thoughts on the novellas of the series and of course, the newest addition, Cress!


Author: Marissa Meyer

Publishing Information: December 5th 2011 by Tor

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Series Information: 0.5 in The Lunar Chronicles

Format: ebook, 32 pages

Source: Free on

For those of you who are curious about the series and wondering if you can believe all of the hype, or for readers looking for a deeper look into Cinder’s background and her relationship with Iko, definitely give this one a go. It is somewhat bittersweet as we see how hard it was for Cinder to adjust to her new life as part cyborg, but when you continue on with the series, you see that Cinder comes into her own!

Title: The Queen’s Army

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publishing Information: November 23rd 2012, by Tor

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Series Information: Novella 2.5 in The Lunar Chronicles

Format: ebook, 18 pages

Source: Free on

Ohhh this novella was so excellent, it was a perfect read after Scarlet because I loved and wanted more from Wolf. I loved the irony and clarification of Z’s personality. It sheds brighter light on how he reacts to things in Scarlet. Also let’s be honest it totally provides evidence as to why he is a tortured soul which I just adore.


Title: Cress

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publishing Information: February 4th 2014 by Feiwel & Friends

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance

Series Information: Book 3 in The Lunar Chronicles

Format: Hardcover, 550 pages

Source: Received an ARC from the publisher at BEA 2014

Recommended For: Oh, for everyone. Honestly this series is all kinds of wonderful.

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Cress was everything I wanted it to be. Meyer focuses the right amount of time on Cress and Thorne and then brings the beloved characters from past books in too so we are able to seamlessly watch how their storyline is progressing. I have to admit that there were some very bittersweet moments as things don’t always go as planned for this crew but it led to us being able to see some happenings in other parts of this “world” and it was very interesting to meet the new characters and gain some more insight into Levana’s plans. Also I can’t write any sort of review without mentioning Carswell Thorne. Ohhh he was fantastic! He was snarky and hilarious and ridiculously suave. Honestly I am in love with all of the guys in this series and I love every relationship for totally different reasons! Bottom line: Is this series worth the hype? Absolutely. Pick them up immediately because each one just gets better and better.

“You said yourself that the people of Luna need a revolutionary.” She lifted her chin, holding his gaze. “So I’m going to Luna, and I’m going to start a revolution.”




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