Fortnight of Fright: Beyond Books – Halloween Playlists


Today we are kicking off our Fortnight of Fright madness! October is the beginning of my favorite time of year, I just love when the leaves start to change and HELLO scarf weather!! Well, today I want to get you guys in the mood to celebrate the wind blowing through the trees, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and monsters lurking under your bed. What is the best way to do this? Well, how about some music…

Have you guys ever heard of 8tracks? I am pretty much obsessed with it. Essentially it works like Spotify and the like, but you can use different tags to search for fan made albums. I have found albums for The Name of the Wind, and other fantastic books! Seriously can’t tell you how much I love this website, I go in there and type whatever mood I am in, “chill,” “happy,” “studying,” and so on..and then IT FINDS THE BEST PLAYLISTS EVER!

SO, my favorite Halloween-like (aka I listen to them all year long) playlists are..

Make Out in the Graveyard – This one is a bit more fun, not creepy!

All Hallows Eve – Featuring such songs as The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show & songs from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! P.S. How badly do I want this Audrey skeleton tattoo…

Rockin’ in the Graveyard – Rockabilly and Halloween..sign me up!

Hel – This is actually the playlist that I listen to when I write, it is made up of darker instrumental songs from movie soundtracks such as Pirates of the Caribbean

Leave Your Body and Soul at the Door – I will leave you with the member’s description: “all songs are sinister, creepy, stalker-y, revenge-y,murder-y, for people about to lose it, for people who already lost it, or just straight up good damned songs as a soundtrack for October”

Go and Hide Inside the Graveyard – Possibly my favorite mix, I listen to it nearly every day as I get ready for work. It is filled with Indie Rock Halloween-y songs!

There you have it! I hope that you guys check out these playlists – or just this website, because it is pretty phenomenal! If you are looking to find new music, head over to 8tracks immediately.

A heads up, Fortnight of Fright is starting today and ending on Halloween, I will be hosting some fabulous bloggers and some of my favorite authors, such as Dan Poblocki, Cat Winters, and Eldritch Black! We will also have a giveaway starting on Monday AND there is so much going on over on Amy and Brittany’s blogs too. So go forth and read, my friends!!!


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