100 Happy Days: Was it Worth it?

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Hello friends! You may remember, well, 100 days ago, I stared the 100 Happy Days Project via my Instagram

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I have read some pretty scathing reviews of this project, some people seem to think that it shouldn’t be necessary to post on social media in order to find happiness. Some people said that they felt guilty posting so many happy pictures, like they were rubbing their happiness in, or something. Really? Guilt for being happy? Ridiculous. Some people even said that they “don’t trust” people who are happy 100% of the time – which is actually VERY different from what this project promotes, but I digress…

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As I mentioned in the first post, I have been trying to see the beauty in every day. Trying to remain optimistic despite the things that may try to interfere with my happiness. It isn’t always easy! I can’t lie to you, there were a few days where the evening was winding down and Amy had to remind me to find something that made me happy before the night was through! Thankfully, those nights were few, and as the days went on I found that it was much easier to find something to be happy about

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Over the past 100 days I have gone through some major life altering things, some completely out of my control…some things that made it nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning. So 100 Happy Days, was it worth it? Absolutely. Was it necessary for me to post on social media in order for me to find and maintain happiness? No, don’t be silly. However, there were many days where I saw something that made me smile and that triggered something in me. It was as if by remembering that I “needed” to post a picture for the day I was almost made me stop and realize that something had just made me smile on my terrible day. Does that make sense? It might not, but it makes sense to me and I thing that’s the whole point!

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I encourage you all to check out 100 Happy Days, or do something, anything, that ensures that you find the beauty in every day! XO


C’mon Get Happy!



Hey, friends!

You guys may have heard of this pretty fantastic thing taking over social media called #100happydays and maybe you haven’t. As it stands, I only heard about it a short time ago though it has been going on for quite a while. Here is the gist:


100 happy days

Sounds simple, right? You’e be surprised! Why would you want to do this? Well…

100 happy days 2

You might be wondering why I chose to do this…well, I am trying to see the beauty in every day. Trying to remain optimistic despite the things that may try to interfere with my happiness. There is much to live for. So, head on over to 100happydays and see what it is all about, and please, PLEASE follow my journey on Instagram!!

Love-A-Thon: Mash-Up – Books and Tea

Book Blogger Love-A-Thon 2014

For the mash-up post I thought I would share some yummy teas to coincide with some of my favorite characters from novels! I scoured Etsy for the perfect blends so some of the names of the teas are perfectly matched (ahem, Nightwatch tea) and it was so fun to do! 


il_570xN.479261483_dlbdSybella from Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Black Forest Tea – This blend is dangerously dark and delicious. Subtle but rich, the sweetness from the vanilla and cherries is balanced by the nutty bitterness of cacao and tangy raspberry. It is a great balance between dark and light, sweet and bitter to match Sybella’s conflicting characteristics.




il_570xN.547118694_hiwaJon Snow from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

Nightwatch Black TeaA Ceylon based blend with a heady mint scent and a dark, mellow flavor. The mild, earthy flavor along with its refreshing mint bite contains Ceylon Black Tea, peppermint, and spearmint. A good mix of mellow earthy flavors mixed in with the mint makes a perfect blend for Jon while he takes refuge from the cold on The Wall.




Princess Cimorene from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Dragon Lady Exotic – Dragon Lady is a superb Tea blend with lots of character, with a variety of exotic spices and the sweet touch of Chamomile the flavor is warm and satisfying. This tasty Tea blend contains: Green Tea Leaves, Chamomile, with Ground Cinnamon, Chicory, Vanilla, Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Cloves, and Nutmeg. Look at all of those spices! A perfect blend for Princess Cimorene who is feisty enough to live amongst dragons! (Note: this would also be a great blend for Seraphina!)



il_570xN.544681905_125uDorothy from The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Strawberries & Cream Dream Tea – Our infusion is specially crafted from real strawberry pieces mixed with hibiscus, rosehip, and infused with natural strawberry and vanilla flavouring. A stunning Strawberries & Cream Infusion that is naturally sweet and very fruity with a tangy taste. Perfect for Dorothy while she is visiting Ozma in Oz, back home on the farm she is more likely to drink some southern sweet tea!






Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss

Red Head A tangy, red zing tea blend! It features mellow red rooibos tea, but with a vitamin C kick of hibiscus, rosehips, and red rose petals. For an added bit a spice (You know redheads!), we’ve added some cinnamon chips. Excellent, spicy and smooth, just like Kvothe!




Don’t forget to check out Alexa or Katelyn’s blog for more info on the Love-A-Thon and use the hashtag #LoveAThon on Twitter!

Love-A-Thon: Book Spine Poetry (2)

Hello friends! Like last year, I decided to put together some book spine poetry to celebrate the Love-A-Thon! Check it out, let me know what you think and click for more info on the Love-A-Thon or follow the hashtag #loveathon on Twitter! Share the love!


Songs of Love and Death:


lies beneath,

a curse as dark as gold.

Through the ever night

we hear the dead,


rags and bones.


when she woke

(in the)


shadow and bone.

A little take on Sleeping Beauty, perhaps? Quite fun to write! I hope you enjoyed my attempt at book spine poetry!

Love-A-Thon: Interview Swap

Book Blogger Love-A-Thon 2014
Hello fellow Love a Thon participants! Today we are kicking off with a fun interview swap! I had the pleasure of interviewing Regina from The Sunflower Pages! Regina is an English Creative Writing major and she loves teas and cats, sounds like I found a new friend!! Let’s get into the interview, share some love for Regina in the comments and go check out my answers to Regina’s questions here!

I read your “About Me” on your blog and I have some questions:

I have my Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in Elizabethan Literature (YAY, Shakespeare!) how are you enjoying your Creative Writing major and what do you want to do with it after college? Sounds like you are on the path to be an author!

I’m really enjoying my major! I’m so glad I get to learn more about subjects I already love. You are correct, I am hoping to one day be a published author. It’s been my dream since I was a little girl and I’m working hard to make that dream a reality!

Tea and cats are two of my favorite things IN THE WORLD, please tell me more about your love of tea and your crazy cat!

Yay for having favorite things in common! My love of tea runs deep. I drink tea in the morning to wake up, I drink it during the day, and sometimes before I go to sleep. Honestly, I drink tea whenever I feel the need to. Luckily my boyfriend shares my love of tea! We own two teapot sets, a teacart, and a huge selection of tea. I even tried to make green tea ice cream before, but sadly that didn’t work out very well.

Ok, so my cat is pretty hilarious and crazy. When I got her she was super hyper. I ended up naming her after my favorite wake boarder, Danny Harf (a guy). She’s a girl, so it’s spelled Dani. It turns out it was the perfect name for her because she started running up trees and doing back flips off of them. Then she would climb up the fence and just jump off. Since she’s gotten a little older she’s not as acrobatic, but she still runs around and does silly little things. No matter how old she gets she’s always going to be my baby!

Let’s move on to the book related questions!!

Do you have a literary boyfriend? (Mine changes weekly)

I do have a literary boyfriend! He’s kind of my main one that only gets pushed to the background when a new one comes along. He doesn’t go away, he just waits for my new boyfriend to go away. lol Ok, so who is this mystery literary boyfriend? It’s Marcus Flutie from the Sloppy Firsts series by Megan McCafferty. Every time I re-read those books, I fall in love all over again. Especially when he says the things he does. Example: “You. Yes. You.” I could gush forever, but there it is. My literary boyfriend who may never go away.

If you could have dinner with any three people (real or fictitious, dead or alive), which three people would you choose and why?

1.) Ron Weasley, because he’s Ron Weasley! Seriously though, he was the first character I ever truly had a crush on. Then, when Rupert Grint made him come to life I just fell in love with him even more. I also love that he hates spiders (I hate spiders), has an accent, is sweet, and I just loved watching his character grow throughout the series.

2.) Eminem because I’ve been a huge fan of his since middle school. I used to have the biggest crush on him, which led to me fantasizing that we’d meet and instantly connect. I love how raw his music is; it’s honest and it got me through a lot of hard times (as cliché as that might sound). To have dinner with him would be pretty amazing.

3.) Amelia Earhart because she was the first female to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, which is pretty amazing. She was such a courageous woman and a great role model. She wanted to prove that men and women were equal in “jobs requiring intelligence, coordination, speed, coolness and willpower.” I think she did a very good job at proving that point. I would love to have a conversation with her so I could hear all of her stories and words of wisdom.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I could tell you the craziest thing I’ve ever done, but then I’d have to…just kidding. I honestly can’t think of the craziest thing I’ve ever done. My brain is having a moment. How about I share one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me? I have a lot of those stories.

I was driving my ex-best friend home when I saw flashing lights far away in my review mirror. I thought they were going in the opposite direction, so I didn’t pay much attention to them. A few minuets later I saw a cop on the side of the road throwing something down onto the opposite lane from me. Once it was rolled out I realized it was a spike strip. At the same time I came to that conclusion my ex-best friend grabbed my arm and said, “Regina pull over!” I quickly looked up and saw a van flying down the road right at me with about a dozen cops tailing him. He saw the cop throw down the strips so he veered into my lane and we were basically playing chicken.

I had enough time to look up, see him, and then yank myself into the ditch to avoid a head on collision. As I steadied my car in the ditch, I saw my life pass before my eyes. The van and the cops flew by us, while the lights that were behind me had caught up and joined the chase. I still can’t believe I was caught in the middle of a car chase, especially in the small town I live in. I feel extremely lucky I did not get in a crash that day because my car was a Chrysler Sebring Convertible that did not have a roll bar. If we had gotten hit, I don’t think we would have been ok. There was definitely someone watching over me that day.

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

I would really like to be present at the Olympics while they are happening. Whenever they are on, like now, I am always glued to the TV. Watching the Olympics shows you first hand where hard work and dedication can get you. It’s the same for writing. If you discipline yourself in the art, steadily working at it, you can go far. Seeing all of these people living out their dreams pumps me up! I have a lot of respect and admiration for every one of them.

I have yet to read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, but it is on my definite TBR for this year! What is your “spirit animal,” OR if you could be best friends with a mythological creature, what would it be?

I haven’t read that one either. I would without a doubt, be best friends with a Unicorn! They are just so majestic and beautiful.

If you could be any fictional character, who would it be?

I’d love to spend some time as Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars is one of my favorite shows and I just love her character. How fun would it be to investigate and bust some people? Not to mention, Logan Eccles being my love interest. I’d be ok with that. Plus I love how witty she is. I’d love to be able to come up with witty remarks on the spot like she does.

Up until last year I have had a hard time naming a favorite author and I’m still not sure that I can say with conviction that I have one favorite book. Can you name a favorite author and title? Why are they your favorites?

I think for any book lover that is an extremely difficult question to answer. Although I don’t have one particular favorite book or author, there are a few books I can re-read over and over again. One of these books is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. This book is beautifully written and one that has touched my heart. It deals with a difficult topic while also adding some humor in as well.

What is one of your favorite quotes? Is it literary? Why is it your favorite?

One of my favorite quotes is “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail” by Edwind Land. It’s not necessarily literary, but I definitely use it towards my writing. This is such an important thing to remember because it’s easy to get frustrated at what you’re creating. Especially when you read an amazing book then look at what you wrote. Suddenly your work feels insignificant. It’s a good reminder that author’s started out in the same place as you did and it takes a ton of editing/re-writing to get to that final published victory.

I love your choices for who you would take to dinner! Such an interesting bunch, I would like to talk to Amelia and find out about that whole “Bermuda Triangle” business! Readers: don’t forget to check back here later today for some other Love a Thon related posts and if you are tweeting, use the #loveathon to chat with us!

Beyond Books: Disney Villains

Disney Villains

I can’t lie to you guys, I started off writing this post on what makes these villains so villainous, and then once I got writing I realized that nearly every character (not all characters, mind you, see: GASTON) has what I think is a justification as to why they act the way they do! Honestly, who wouldn’t feel sads if you were the only one not invited to the party..? So I had to break it down..I give you the good (they’re misunderstood, ya hear?), The bad (okay, stealing people is not the nicest, Hook), and the ugly (Gaston, we all know you smell too, shall we say, musky?!) of the Disney villains. Let me know if you agree, we all know I am a tad biased. After reading about the baddies, go check out my post on my favorite Disney princes!

The Good:

Captain Hook

Captain Hook – How can you possibly blame the guy? He is trapped in a world with no other adults but pirates and everyone else on the island IS A CHILD! Not the mention the fact that they are all male. The so called “leader” of these “lost boys” is a total brat who uses his everlasting youth to learn how to mimic the sound a clock ticking just so he can traumatize Hook who clearly has a phobia of crocodiles since HELLOOO one ate his hand off! Using context clues (he definitely conditions that hair, and look at those frilly sleeves) one can assume that Hook doesn’t entirely dislike the lack of women, you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down? However, it must be very humid there and most men pirates aren’t known for their cleanliness. Honestly, think of the smell. Let’s not forget that Hook is obsessed with “good form,” and what kind of villain has his own set of morals even when faced with villainous choices. Hook has complete rights to be grumpy.

hades gif

Hades – Poor Hades, another one with family issues. His golden skinned brother gets to sit in the sunshine and play with his lightning bolt while Hades is forced to sit below ground with the dead for company. Hades is different from a lot of other villains in that he is witty and fast talking, like the captain of the lacrosse team the night before you end up doing an early morning walk of shame with just one shoe and zero dignity….*reminisces* riiight so Hades, well, poisoning babies isn’t nice, and false deals, well how very Rumplestiltskin a la Shrek Ever After, but mostly, I think Hades is suffering from a serious seasonal affective disorder, you would benefit from some vitamin D, my friend.

doctor facilier

Doctor Facilier – I don’t know how I feel about Doctor Facilier, he arguably has the scariest song of all of the Disney villains and his friends on the other side business is downright terrifying because voodoo is just a no no in my book. I mean, look at his shadow – it’s so…spindly and I don’t know why but that just freaks me out. However, when we get right down to it, Doctor Facilier doesn’t really have much going for him besides a killer wardrobe (I like a man in skulls), a fantastic singing voice, and sleight of hand (if ya know what I mean), all of his “magic” comes from those friends on the other side and really all he manages to do is turn a prince into a frog, not entirely villain worthy, if you ask me. His spindly shadow, on the other hand, he is one scary dude.

The bad:


Ursula – Some time ago I noticed a twitter convo between Patrick Ness, Anne Perry, and Nick Coveney (which is really what got me thinking about this post) in which Patrick Ness argued that Ursula is the queen of BAMFs. He had some pretty compelling evidence:

photo 1photo 2

What else is there to say? She has excellent minions (“My little poopsies!”), she knows how to work it (“BODYYY LANGUAGEEEE!!”), and she really thinks out her evil plots thoroughly. Not only does she take Ariel’s voice so she can’t tell Eric what happened, she does indeed turn into Kate Middleton to take Eric for herself – just for HA-HA’s. Honestly, you go girl.


Scar – I mean, Scar is Jeremy Irons. Can we drop the mic right there? We could, sure, but Scar is often compared to a famous Shakespearean character who kills his brother to marry his widow and become King (and let’s not even touch upon the fact that some claim that his little hyena song is a nod to Hitler…) Come on, how can you possibly get more villainous? However…He is basically the Tyrion Lannister of Pride Rock and honestly who doesn’t have some compassion for Tyrion Lannister? “Life’s not fair, is it..?” No, Scar, life isn’t fair when you are thwarted just because you don’t possess the same heavenly looks strength as your brother.


Queen Grimhilde – Ahh the evil queen. The epitome of all evil villainesses. She has so many tools at her disposal. Her first mistake, is the fact that she trusts a man to do a woman’s job. C’mon Grimhilde, I expected better from a woman with your cheekbones. You will remember that she does succeed in taking advantage of Snow White’s naivete against stranger danger and succeeds in poisoning her. Why she uses a faulty spell that can be turned with a kiss from true love, we will never know. It is safe to say that had Aprhodite not been angry over the queen’s vanity in claiming that she was the fairest of them all and had she not convinced Zeus to lightning bolt the rock Grimhilde was standing on (I could have misinterpreted this bit) then she would have come back vengeful again and finished the job, perhaps this time with a weapon mightier than an apple. *facepalm*

Maleficent 2

Maleficent – Maleficent is my favorite villain. She is stunning, has a raven named Diablo (yaaa.. that’s a nod to demons) as a familiar and is literally called “The Mistress of all Evil.” Pretty amazing, right? But wait…once we look a little deeper we remember that her noteworthy villainous deed happens because she wasn’t invited to a party for an infant. What. YOU ARE THE MISTRESS OF ALL EVIL, YOU DO NOT NEED TO CARE ABOUT INVITATIONS CELEBRATING TINY HUMANS. But then we get into the fact that she doesn’t just seek revenge outright but lets everyone stew in her curse and look over their shoulder for 16 years or so. Oh and also, she is a dragon sometimes. Being a dragon pretty much trumps all things. *Fun fact: Eleanor Audley was the voice of Maleficent and Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. She rocks.


Jafar – He arguably has the most annoying sidekick of all of the Disney villains and in a song entitled “Why Me” that was cut from the final film, he sings “I was unappreciated by my peers, as their slings and arrows flew, I would ponder, wouldn’t you? Why me?” Jafar, stop it. Who do you think you are? Severus Snape? I am sorry that you were bullied in school but that doesn’t give you any right to dress Jasmine up like Princess Leia and then spit apple on her face while you force her to feed you, because: germs, and also your hat is clearly overcompensation for something.

The ugly:


Gaston – Let’s start with the fact that he can’t comprehend how Belle can read her book WITHOUT PICTURES. Moving on to the line, “It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas, and thinking…” Ew. That right there is enough to make me want to tell him to shove those antlers right up his…aaanywho I can’t lie to you guys, the muscles throw me off, but he is a complete sexist who plans to lock Belle’s father in an asylum and then he tries to stab the Beast in the back! Gaston, you are a mighty hunter – look at those trophies – yet you brought a crossbow to a knife fight.


The Hunter who killed Bambi’s mom – Don’t try and tell me this wasn’t a defining moment in your childhood. The moment where you wondered just how twisted your parents had to be to plop you in front of this movie while they went to make dinner. “Don’t you wanna watch the movie about the baby deer?!” As an innocent child (HA!) of COURSE I wanted to watch the movie about the baby deer! But then not far into the film my world was shattered by a very abrupt gunshot to the heart (metaphorically for me, most likely literally for Bambi’s mom). Don’t even get me started on the daddy issues in this film TALK ABOUT VILLAINS.


Claude Frollo – Frollo keeps his ward locked up in a tower, decides that he is Lord Voldemort and therefore must “cleanse” the town to get rid of anyone not of a “pure race” and have you all heard his little ditty called “Hellfire?” Umm Frollo basically sings a song about how Esmerelda sent a “flame” to turn him to sin and that it isn’t his fault if she has to be punished (aka burned to death) for not choosing to be with him. Well, that is a little something that we call victim blaming, and that’s just not cool, bro. Asking her out for a cup of coffee via her OkCupid profile is probably a better idea, subtlety is key here.

Honorable Mentions:


Lady Tremaine – Whereas most of these villains try and harm people physically, Lady Tremaine decides to focus on the psychological aspects of abuse. She quickly gathers that Cinderella has mommy issues and she grasps onto that. Let’s quickly move past the fact that this woman reminds me of my grandmother, because that fact alone is enough to move Lady Tremaine to the top of the villain list…

Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel – Like Lady Tremaine she also focuses on the mean girl behavior and makes “JUST KIDDING” jokes to make Rapunzel feel even less “normal” than she is. Plus she kicks Pascal and really there is no reason for that nonsense. Also where is she going all of the time?! Why is she so worried about wrinkles and gravity taking its toll? She definitely has a beau and keeping Rapunzel from growing up with a father figure? Sigh. Disney’s daddy issues strike again.


Yzma – “It is no concern of mine whether or not your family has… what was it again?” “Ummm, food.” “Ha! You really should have thought of that before you became peasants!” HAHA also she has the best sidekick ever.


Cruella DeVille – She is an attempted puppy murderer.I’m a cat person myself but come on now…

So there we have it, this is by no means an exhaustive list but I wanted to touch upon those who stood out for me. If you have a chance go check out this amazing video called Spell Block Tango (yes, that is a play on Cell Block Tango from Chicago) by Todrick Hall, because it is amazing.

The Harry Potter Alliance

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.” – JK Rowling

It’s the time of giving, and in light of the season (and ABC Family’s weekend long runs of the Harry Potter films,) I wanted to bring your attention to a pretty fantastic organization, The Harry Potter Alliance.

The Harry Potter Alliance is a coalition of fandom leaders and members who feel passionate about the power of story to inspire and affect social change. Just as Harry and his friends fought the Dark Arts in JK Rowling’s fictional universe, they strive to destroy real-world horcruxes like inequality, illiteracy, and human rights violations.

The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) uses parallels from Harry Potter to inspire hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter fans to act as heroes in our world. The HPA has sent five cargo planes to Haiti, donated over 88,000 books across the world, and has made significant contributions to the anti-genocide, LGBTQ equality, environmental, and media reform movements. Currently the organization is in discussion with the CEO of  Warner Bros. to make all Harry Potter chocolate Fair Trade.

From their website…


The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) is a 501c3 nonprofit that takes an outside-of-the-box approach to civic engagement by using parallels from the Harry Potter books to educate and mobilize young people across the world toward issues of literacy, equality, and human rights. Our mission is to empower our members to act like the heroes that they love by acting for a better world. By bringing together fans of blockbuster books, TV shows, movies, and YouTube celebrities we are harnessing the power of popular culture toward making our world a better place. Our goal is to make civic engagement exciting by channeling the entertainment-saturated facets of our culture toward mobilization for deep and lasting social change.

After speaking glowingly about the HPA in Time Magazine and on her website, J.K. Rowling writes in a letter to Slack, “The HP Alliance is, without doubt, the purest expression of ‘the spirit of Albus Dumbledore’ yet to emerge from the Harry Potter fandom.”

Former heads of houses include John Green (Hufflepuff, author of The Fault in Our Stars), Maureen Johnson (Ravenclaw, author of 13 Little Blue Envelopes), and Holly Black (Slytherin, author of the Spiderwick Chronicles). To find out more information about The Harry Potter Alliance, visit their website – they have a pretty fantastic store which includes some delicious Fair Trade chocolate frogs, and a Granger/Lovegood 2016 t-shirt that I wish Santa would bring for me:

Character Analysis: Robin Goodfellow


Puck, or Robin Goodfellow is most widely known from William Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but this is not truly his first appearance, Puck has actually been around in English folklore as early as 1531. The name “Puck” first started as a representation of all mischievous sprites who lead villagers deep into faery if they stray from the path, and many believe “Robin Goodfellow” to be another name for Satan, though this is generally reserved for those with extremely active imaginations. Puck soon became the representation as the sole jester of the Fairy court, ruled over by Queen Titania and King Oberon; it is this representation in Shakespeare’s play that first grabbed my attention.

I was recently texting with Britt and Kiki and had mentioned that I had yet to read The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, my first question was, “Wait, is Puck a character?” Kiki responds with a “yes,” and I immediately text back, “sold.” That was really the point where I realized that there are some things in literature that are a sure thing for me, dragons, Celtic lore, and apparently, Puck.

I’m not sure what it says about me that one of my favorite characters in literature is one of the most mischievous and spiteful characters written, but some argue that he is simply playful and harmless so let’s go with that for the sake of saving some face – though as I am already team Slytherin and Lannister, I’m not sure there is any going back. I think my adoration of this character comes from the fact that though he is deemed a servant in the land of Faery, he is one of the cleverest beings there; he is cunning, witty and for the most part, extremely jovial and light hearted. I think I am particularly fond of his duality as he is mischievous but also endearing in the way he cares for some, predominately King Oberon, and Jack o’the forest, from R.F. Long’s The Treachery of Beautiful Things.

“I am that merry wanderer of the night.”

As a lover of Shakespeare I can’t write this post and not encourage you to read A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In fact, I will even approve if you watch the movie because there is a 1968 version that stars Helen Mirren and Judi Dench! Or, if you want something more recent, there is another film version from 1999 starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Christian Bale, Calista Flockhart, and Stanley Tucci.

In literature, Puck has been represented in a few different ways, as I mentioned above, he is a character in The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. Puck is also a main character in The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long, The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley and has a brief appearance in Neil Gaiman’s representation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in his Sandman series. I adored this representation so much that I am ordering a print of the artwork featuring Puck to hang on my wall.


What a fun post this was, if you didn’t take part in our character analysis I would still love to hear from you about one of your favorite characters in literature. Additionally I would love to know if there are any representations of Puck that I am missing in literature or media!

Calling All Characters!

Hello readers!

Based on a random text convo between myself and friends, I realized that I really do have adoration for a particular character in literature. Meaning, if he is featured in a novel, I will most likely read it and enjoy it simply because of his existence. That got me thinking…I wonder if there are other bloggers like myself who have a go to character they always enjoy reading about?

So I put the call out on Twitter for a fun blog collaboration for anyone who wanted to participate in this mini project and was happy to find some awesome bloggers who were interested! For those of you who missed my tweet, this post will serve as a call for participation! Here is what I am looking to do…

Next Wednesday, March 20, I am going to feature a “character analysis” of a character from popular (but dated) literature. The post is going to be simple: It will consist of an analysis of the character (background, characteristics, etc.), why I adore this particular character, and where readers can find him in more recent literature.

To get involved all you have to do is write your own post on one of your favorite characters in literature and explain why they were chosen, and where we can find him/her/it in other works. I have had a few questions on how to choose a character and what stipulations there are and the answer is easy, there are none! This can be a fairytale character, someone from classic literature, a mythological god/goddess/being, etc! The possibilities on characters are endless and you can do what you want with the post, it is meant to be simple, informative and most importantly, FUN.

If you feel like joining in (and I really hope that you do) just comment on this post letting me know so I can make sure to link over to your blog, it is up to you if you want to tell us who you are analyzing or to keep it a surprise!

I kind of hate surprises so my character analysis is going to be on Robin Goodfellow aka Puck (most commonly known from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream)


I hope you will join me!