“Like iron to true North”: Outlander Week Five

Outlander Read-a-long

Chapters 29-35

Well, we are almost near the end! I have to admit, I might just read ahead now and finish the book. I honestly am not sure if I am going to be continuing on with the series or not. I am enjoying this book to an extent and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t being such a critic because I had to rehash my opinions in the answers each week. It really makes me realize why I cannot STAND Claire. This week also made me adore Jenny/Ian even more and LOATHE Dougal. Guy needs a nice face-punch in my opinion.

1. We are now settled into life at Lallybroch. What are your impressions of this place, and Ian and Jenny Murray? How do the stories of Jamie’s life here growing up shape your feelings toward him?

I really like Lallybroch, I found it to be relaxing and really loved how it molded Jamie and Claire’s relationship in a different way. I also LOVE Ian and Jenny so really more time with them just made me ridiculously happy. Jenny is the kind of leading lady I can get behind, she is strong and knows how to use her intelligence and wiles to her advantage. I also loved the the part where Jenny was describing what it feels like to be pregnant, it made me smile.

2. What do you think of the story of what really happened between Jenny and Jack Randall? Could you have been as bold as Jenny? Does this change your understanding of Randall? 

I wasn’t really surprised by this story though I was surprised she hadn’t told Ian earlier as it didn’t really seem like a big issue to me. I like how Jenny gauged the situation clearly and knew that fighting back with force (which I would have probably done) would likely result in her death. She was able to learn enough about Randall to know that her being afraid and fighting back would have encouraged him further so another win for Jenny in my book!

3. For the second time, we see Claire warning a Fraser about future events. Do you think this is wise? Or does this mess with history/the space-time continuum/the natural order of things? 

Time travel is something I am not so familiar with so I can’t really say my opinion on the matter. I think that Claire holds back enough information and really takes heed to only tell those who she believes will listen and make choices intelligently based on her information. Also, who is to say that Claire going back in time isn’t really part of the bigger picture anyway? There is no way to know if she wasn’t meant to travel back in time and spill the beans!

4. Do you consider Claire brave or foolish for going after Jamie? Would you be courageous enough to go into enemy territory to try and save the man you love?

It is both brave AND foolish in my opinion. However I am almost positive that I would do the same in her situation. What is there to live for if he dies? Go back to Frank? Stay here with Dougal? Ahh, no thanks. I’d rather be dead I think. Not to mention the fact that you would always be wondering if you could have done something to save him. I think it would be a bit more foolish if she didn’t have all of the help that she does but regardless it is one of the moments where I did agree with what Claire was doing.

5. Jamie makes a gut-wrenching decision in Chapter 35. Do you blame Claire for putting him in that position? What kinds of repurcussions do you expect?

Ranty pants time! All I kept thinking of the ENTIRE time before Randall walked in was why Claire wasn’t scouring the room for weapons and a place to hide or at least stand ready near the door to take Randall down when he walked in. Wasn’t she JUST talking about how important the element of surprise is? I can somewhat understand trying to get Jamie free first but really it would have made so much more sense if she had waited to the side to ambush Randall as he came in, she clearly knows how to kill a man and Randall PROBABLY has the key to let Jamie free! So, yeah, I pretty much do blame Claire for putting him in that position and then SITTING ALONE NOT WATCHING THE BODY as Jamie was trying to save them both. Yet again, had she looked about and realized that RANDALL IS NOT DEAD she could have oh, I don’t know, KILLED HIM? Or at least made certain he was unconscious and therefore couldn’t get up and PUT A KNIFE TO HER THROAT!!! UGH! Disgusted all around. Then in the next scene she kills a wolf. I literally don’t understand how she is able to recover these memories that help her survive but its like common sense and rationalization of the present moment fails her. Cripes, woman! LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!!

7 thoughts on ““Like iron to true North”: Outlander Week Five

  1. I agree with everything that you said on #5. Especially, because after that scene, Claire has the presence of mind to kill a wolf with her bare hands. She should have DONE SOMETHING.

    And I like what you said about Jenny being smart enough to fight with her mind and words instead of force. Randall likes to play mind games, and she definitely one upped him. Jenny is awesome!

  2. I think everyone is talking about how Claire is so stupid when it comes to fighting Randall, but then can go and kill a wolf. SERIOUSLY??

    That’s too bad that you might not be continuing on! Maybe give it a few months then just read for pleasure. 🙂

  3. I agree that reading so critically can really make you dislike thing about a book that you wouldn’t notice so much if you weren’t rehashing your opinion and reading everyone else’s the whole time.

    The part where Jenny was describing what it was like to be pregnant really disturbed me. I feel like she said that women like to have sex because they like when men cum in them and the idea that it fills them the way babies do, and then Jamie said that men like to have sex because they miss being in the womb and being in a woman is the closest they’ll ever get. WTF?!

    • I think I enjoyed that part because she was really into it like she explained how it felt to be “ready to pop” and I appreciated the looks between her and Ian, it really made me think about their bond. When she glanced his way before going back upstairs I laughed, the power women have over men! I did NOT like the description Jamie gave though, kind of freaks me out to be honest.

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