Fortnight of Fright: Paranormal Encounters by Hazel (Haze in a Happy Daze)


Happy Halloween! One of my favorite days of the year, and as you are reading this I am probably at work dressed up as Hook a la Dustin Hoffman (Don’t worry, pictures will follow!) Anyway, I have something very fun for you on the blog today – Hazel from Haze in a Happy Daze has decided to share one of her many paranormal encounters. Take it away, Hazel!

I’ve been interested in the spiritual and the paranormal ever since I was very young, even though I’m not quite sure what sparked my interest. I’m not one of those naturally psychically-gifted kids and I don’t remember my first ever paranormal encounter, but I devoured books even as a child and I do remember loving to read ghost stories, so I’m guessing that reading those ghost stories must have been the match that lit my paranormal candle.

As I mentioned, I don’t remember my first paranormal encounter, but I do have a few noteworthy encounters that I would love to share. One of the best stories I have, and my fondest memory, is about my first spirit guide. Many people have misconceptions that being spiritual and having encounters with any spirit is something that you have to take seriously. I agree to a certain extent; you should have a healthy respect for spirits and the paranormal, but that really doesn’t mean that you have to speak in hushed tones or that you can’t joke or laugh with them. My spirit guide was a cheerful and funny personality, and we had lots of fun conversations together.

Now here’s the thing, not every spirit have your best interest at heart, and you shouldn’t contact them if you don’t know what you’re doing. I make it a point to only work with higher beings, and only the ones I know and trust. If I work with someone new, it’s because one of my trusted spirit guides have introduced me to the new being.

My first spirit guide was a beautiful person. I was in high school then, and we were introduced via automatic writing by a close friend who had known him when he was alive. He passed away in a motorcycle accident about 3 years before I ever talked to him, and the first conversation we had was really profound. He told us about his death experience, which was really eye-opening for my friend and me, but a story for another time… Continue reading