Top Ten Tuesday (26)

Top Ten Bookish People I Would Love to Meet!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and the Bookish which I adore and therefore chose to adopt into my weekly blog posts!

William Shakespeare – An obvious one and though I totally believe he is the real deal it would be nice to find out for sure, I suppose!

Juliet Marillier – Another obvious one, she is my favorite author! However, I have to admit that if I ever did meet her I would probably just keel over and/or look like an idiot because I could have nothing compelling to say to her!

Edgar Allen Poe – I would love to see his “madness” in real life! 

L. Frank Baum – Just to hug him. He wrote my favorite books!

Isaac Marion – I follow him on Twitter and he seems like quite an awesome guy, and he makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis.

J.K. Rowling – I just fear I would bore her with the same questions about HP that she has probably heard a thousand times.

Adam Gidwitz – I’d like to give him a book of my favorite fairy tales and have them read them aloud while interjecting with his own narrations.

The Bloggess – She’s amazing. She is inspirational and hilarious.

Brom – I might be a little scared to meet him because he has to have a very deep and dark imagination but I would love to know if he is going to delve into another fairytale rewrite anytime soon.

Ransom Riggs – I would enjoy looking through his photograph collection for sure!

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