Calling All Characters!

Hello readers!

Based on a random text convo between myself and friends, I realized that I really do have adoration for a particular character in literature. Meaning, if he is featured in a novel, I will most likely read it and enjoy it simply because of his existence. That got me thinking…I wonder if there are other bloggers like myself who have a go to character they always enjoy reading about?

So I put the call out on Twitter for a fun blog collaboration for anyone who wanted to participate in this mini project and was happy to find some awesome bloggers who were interested! For those of you who missed my tweet, this post will serve as a call for participation! Here is what I am looking to do…

Next Wednesday, March 20, I am going to feature a “character analysis” of a character from popular (but dated) literature. The post is going to be simple: It will consist of an analysis of the character (background, characteristics, etc.), why I adore this particular character, and where readers can find him in more recent literature.

To get involved all you have to do is write your own post on one of your favorite characters in literature and explain why they were chosen, and where we can find him/her/it in other works. I have had a few questions on how to choose a character and what stipulations there are and the answer is easy, there are none! This can be a fairytale character, someone from classic literature, a mythological god/goddess/being, etc! The possibilities on characters are endless and you can do what you want with the post, it is meant to be simple, informative and most importantly, FUN.

If you feel like joining in (and I really hope that you do) just comment on this post letting me know so I can make sure to link over to your blog, it is up to you if you want to tell us who you are analyzing or to keep it a surprise!

I kind of hate surprises so my character analysis is going to be on Robin Goodfellow aka Puck (most commonly known from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream)


I hope you will join me!

15 thoughts on “Calling All Characters!

  1. Oh Alyssa, I LOVE this idea!! I totally want to participate, but I have to sit down and analyze my own reading habits to decide exactly who I’m going to choose. Hopefully I’ll come up with something and get a post ready!

  2. Such a fun idea!!! I do character analyses every so often and really do love digging deeper into who they are! But this… this is so much fun! I wish I had a character I could do… I mean that non-sexually… oh, foot in mouth! Anyway… Yay for this project! Can’t wait to see it next week!

  3. Really excited to see everyone’s responses next week + love this idea! I’m still struggling to figure out who exactly to highlight, but that’s partly because most of the characters I’d count as “favorites” aren’t necessarily featured in other works. So I’m still thinking on this… hopefully I get my act together by the 20th!

    • I know it’s so hard!! I hope you can think of someone though, it was so fun to we’re my post and I’d love to hear what you had to say 🙂

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