Review: Of Triton by Anna Banks

oftritonTitle: Of Triton

Author: Anna Banks

Publishing Information: May 28, 2013 by Feiwel & Friends

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mermaids, Romance, Mythology

Series information: Book 2 in the Of Poseidon series – read my review of Of Poseidon

Format: Hardcover, 336 pages

Source: Received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley

Recommended For: Those looking for an exciting novel filled with swoony mermen, romance, and non-stop action

Of Triton picks up where Of Poseidon left off, on the edge of a cliffhanger. There is much to be done to right a history of wrongs by the main characters in this novel and I don’t want to spoil either book in the series for you but just know that Of Triton includes a lot of glorious scenes in the water, where Galen is right at home. The romance is aplenty for more than one couple and the reader gains more insight into quite a few characters in this sequel, and that was what stole the show for me.

Emma left me a bit conflicted in Of Triton. On one hand, I loved how much of a BAMF she was and her new found abilities were pretty spectacular (aka I WANTS THEM), but on the other hand I had a hard time with how whiney she was. The complications involving her mother and her involvement with the Syrena brought about many emotions from Emma. Most of which I completely appreciated and understood, however there were moments where I was jolted out of the story because her demeanor toward her mother and others just seemed childish and out of character for someone so strong willed. For the most part, though, Emma represented herself as a strong female that I had no trouble standing behind. Though she was a simple human standing (swimming?) among fantastical creatures, she stood on her own in a really magnificent way. Galen really doesn’t need any explanation as he is just as swoon worthy and charming as he was in Of Poseidon. Now Toraf, oh, Toraf, how do I love thee? Toraf and Rayna were absolutely captivating in Of Triton. Those of you who read Of Poseidon know how, hmm what’s the word…passionate Rayna is. Mix that with Toraf’s strong demeanor and you really have a fabulous couple worth watching. Though I enjoyed Galen and Emma, I would really love to read more of Toraf and Rayna.

As for secondary characters, Emma’s mother was enjoyable and we are able to see where Emma gets her stubbornness and fiery characteristics. I also LOVED Emma’s grandfather; his devotion to his family was really very endearing and had me smiling on more than one occasion. All of those wonderful things being said, if someone stole the show for me in Of Triton it was without a doubt Rachel. Rachel is smart, witty, loving, and definitely ruthless. I adored that we got to see more of her in this novel and I really appreciated how much she cared about Galen and the others.

Though Of Triton was significantly shorter than Of Poseidon, it was filled with a bit more action. Where Of Poseidon focused on the laws of the Syrena and the background of the characters, Of Triton is definitely more about living in the moment and fighting for what is important. I enjoyed the history of the first book but I really appreciated how the reader gets to see Galen in his own world, in the water, fighting his own internal and external conflicts.

Overall Of Triton was an enjoyable and entertaining read. I can’t say that Ms. Banks leaves us with as big of a cliffhanger as she does at the end of Of Poseidon, but in lieu of that she leaves us with some bittersweet heartbreak. That really sealed my enjoyment of the series, and personally I can’t wait to read the conclusion of the trilogy.

3 thoughts on “Review: Of Triton by Anna Banks

  1. Oh yayyyy! I just got this one (as you know) and I want to start it next, I think!! I’m so excited and your review just made even more excited to start 😀

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