Fortnight of Fright: Bookish Costumes by Chelsea

Hi, friends! Today we have Chelsea from Books For Thought sharing great bookish costumes! Take a look at what she has to offer and head over to Amy & Brittany’s blogs to see who they have featured today! Don’t forget, we are hosting wonderful bloggers & authors for two whole weeks with recipes, book recommendations and a lot more awesome!

6 Easy Bookish Costumes for Kids and Adults

Hello lovelies! I’m really excited to be taking part in Fortnight of Fright again this year! One of my favourite things about Halloween is deciding on a fun costume to wear! The only downside is that I’m not one of those people who likes to wear the teeny tiny women’s costumes they sell in stores. I have nothing against those who do, but it’s not for me. So I decided to do some digging and find some great costumes that aren’t only easy to make, but cover me up! Here are some great bookish costumes that you guys can try out! (If any of you do try a bookish costume please share!!)

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin


I LOVE this idea! It’s great for couples!

The Man in the Yellow Hat


From Curious George. This one is especially great for kids!

A Golden Ticket


From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if you didn’t know. This is a great idea if you don’t want to pick the obvious costume.

Nancy Drew


I can’t help but love this one. I loved Nancy as a kid! I’m tempted to dress up as her this year!

Emily Elizabeth and Cifford


This brings me back! My sister used to LOVE Clifford when she was little!



This is my go to costume if I can’t think of anything else. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Belle?!

Bonus Awesome Idea: Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus


This one probably requires a lot more work but looks extra awesome!

Thank you all so much for reading! Have a spooky Halloween!

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