Hello, my lovelies!

It’s that time of year when everyone is talking RESOLUTIONS and BETTERING ONESELF and boy is that some serious pressure, amiright? Last year I got some great journals and I was definitely convinced I was going to do all of the fun things and then I did none of them and it was a major fail. Some of you have been chatting with me about wanting to try new things in 2018 such as journaling, hand-lettering, being more positive, etc. So I thought…why don’t we make this a feature! Introducing…



Basically, Amy and I are going to come up with monthly themes (I use that term loosely) and then give daily prompts that fit the theme. Right before the beginning of the month we will post up a nifty little image so you can see what’s coming. Ame and I will post up our pictures on our fancy new Instagram page and then we will repost a bunch of yours! Just follow us and use the hashtag #positivityprompts and/or tag us so we can make sure to see them!

The rules are there ain’t no rules.

(OMG I searched for this gif from Grease and I couldn’t find one!)

You can journal something, you can take a picture of something, draw something, sing a song, interpretive dance…whatever! We just want to make sure we take a few moments to focus on something. I will mostly be doing journal entries because I want to start writing more and I love making lists. I also wanted to get into hand-lettering this year (let’s see how that goes) so this might give me an extra boost. If you hate the theme/daily prompt, you don’t have to do it. (I wish you still would, though, because I think getting out of your comfort zone is half of the battle here.)

Y tho?

Honestly? This whole thing came out of me needing to keep myself in THE MOMENT if only for a few. I personally think it will help me to write out some self love talk, or share my favorite song lyrics, or…take a picture of something blue. I did the #100happydays project a few years ago and it really did help me stay positive and focused. I think it is important to just CHILL for a few. I also really love our community and want it to grow and think this might be a good way to do so. I cannot wait to see what you all have to share with us!

So again….FOLLOW US

100 Happy Days: Was it Worth it?

photo 2

Hello friends! You may remember, well, 100 days ago, I stared the 100 Happy Days Project via my Instagram

photo 1-2

I have read some pretty scathing reviews of this project, some people seem to think that it shouldn’t be necessary to post on social media in order to find happiness. Some people said that they felt guilty posting so many happy pictures, like they were rubbing their happiness in, or something. Really? Guilt for being happy? Ridiculous. Some people even said that they “don’t trust” people who are happy 100% of the time – which is actually VERY different from what this project promotes, but I digress…

photo 4

As I mentioned in the first post, I have been trying to see the beauty in every day. Trying to remain optimistic despite the things that may try to interfere with my happiness. It isn’t always easy! I can’t lie to you, there were a few days where the evening was winding down and Amy had to remind me to find something that made me happy before the night was through! Thankfully, those nights were few, and as the days went on I found that it was much easier to find something to be happy about

photo 5

Over the past 100 days I have gone through some major life altering things, some completely out of my control…some things that made it nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning. So 100 Happy Days, was it worth it? Absolutely. Was it necessary for me to post on social media in order for me to find and maintain happiness? No, don’t be silly. However, there were many days where I saw something that made me smile and that triggered something in me. It was as if by remembering that I “needed” to post a picture for the day I was almost made me stop and realize that something had just made me smile on my terrible day. Does that make sense? It might not, but it makes sense to me and I thing that’s the whole point!

photo 3


I encourage you all to check out 100 Happy Days, or do something, anything, that ensures that you find the beauty in every day! XO


C’mon Get Happy!



Hey, friends!

You guys may have heard of this pretty fantastic thing taking over social media called #100happydays and maybe you haven’t. As it stands, I only heard about it a short time ago though it has been going on for quite a while. Here is the gist:


100 happy days

Sounds simple, right? You’e be surprised! Why would you want to do this? Well…

100 happy days 2

You might be wondering why I chose to do this…well, I am trying to see the beauty in every day. Trying to remain optimistic despite the things that may try to interfere with my happiness. There is much to live for. So, head on over to 100happydays and see what it is all about, and please, PLEASE follow my journey on Instagram!!